We’ve earned our wings…

From startups to Fortune 500s, we support product solutions for the world's best brands. We build the bridge and walk you starting from the early stages of planning to the later stage of validation.

Welcome to Hummingbird TekSystems

Hummingbird TekSystems is a business development and engineering services firm providing client-focused services in select global industries. The Hummingbird network of highly experienced professionals is spread throughout the industry, eager to quickly deploy and assist in your engineering and business success.

Mahesh V Kumar

President & CEO

Our Industries

We have ten years of experience in providing engineering services to leading manufacturing companies in Aerospace, automotive, medical, and industrial automation industries.

Why choose our services?

At Hummingbird TekSystems, we rely on honesty, discipline and hard work and believe our success can be attributed to upholding a simple set of core values that date back to the beginning of the company.Hummingbird TekSystems is an integrated design-build firm offering business development and engineering services to domestic and international customers throughout the U.S. Unique to Hummingbird is the fact that we conduct all disciplines in-house in a collaborative environment.

One of the Leading Product Engineering services company

12Years of Experience

  • Working in direct coordination with our customers for their engineering requirements

  • Executing each and every assignment diligently and with integrity

  • Sticking to the strict norms of the client’s work culture and their ethics

  • Providing added experience throughout each assignment

We’re always interested in new opportunities, big or small.

We are focused on sustainable business that delivers the best possible project results.