Our team of Industry Experts offers services in Electronics, Software and Mechanical Engineering.


Extensive knowledge and experience in handling RTCA/DO178C/ Do-2167A and RTCA/DO-254 guidelines specifically in Software and Complex Electronic Hardware Design, Development, Verification, Validation and testing activities for Avionics and space applications.


Extensive knowledge and experience in Embedded SW development in ARM processor, TI Microprocessor/ Microcontroller and Free scale Power PC platforms.


Strong experience on Communication protocols SPI, UART, I2C, MODBUS & TCP/IP, CAN, TTP and ARINC 429.


Supporting SOI# audits (Generating test, review reports and traceability matrix)


Extensive knowledge and experience component engineering to take care of obsolescence issues and selection of alternate components by performing Form, Fit, and Function Analysis


Extensive knowledge and experience Hardware Board Design including components selection, Analysis (Power, Thermal, Logic Compatibility, Timing, Error etc.), Schematics capture, BOM Preparation, PCB Layout Design till mass production by applying product life cycle stage gates and processes


Extensive knowledge and experience in PCB Layout Design to meet DFX, EMI. EMC constraints as per IPC standards using PCB CAD Layout packages like Cadence Allegro, Mentor Graphics – PADS, Altium


Extensive knowledge and experience Radiation testing – including heavy ion, proton, neutron, pulsed-laser, gamma ray, and x-ray


Extensive knowledge and experience Radiation analysis including on-orbit error rate calculation.

Here’s what we offer

  • Engineering Service

  • Customer Interface

  • Verification and validation

  • Review of Plans, Requirements, Design and Source code

Hummingbird TekSystems

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